About Adacel Global Source Group
 We are experienced, independent consulting firm focused on helping OEM's create world-class outsourcing strategies and contract manufacturing agreements for mechanical parts and complete end-products. Other related service areas include outsourcing / in-sourcing feasibility analysis, supplier risk evaluation and cost model-based supplier price benchmarking. Since our founding in 1997 we have served well-known corporations and fast growing start-ups. We combine our broad expertise in supplier evaluation practices, process control, etc., world-class analytical skills and extensive pricing and contract negotiation experience to achieve important, often breakthrough results. To maintain objectivity, we do not accept assignments or incentives from suppliers. We serve our clients worldwide from our office in Shanghai China.
Engineering services
 Global Source Group Utilizes Adacel’s engineering department that consists of , mechanical, electrical, Software, Production and Industrial design In-house engineers to mange your sourcing needs
Manufacturing and Component sourcing
 Adacel Global Source Group has the tools and experience to help OEMs, who manufacture internally, address the complex make or buy issues related to cost benchmarking and outsource feasibility. Make-or-buy cost comparisons show manufacturing cost (i.e., “value-add” or “transformation cost”) and material cost differences by commodity group for representative client products.
Quality Control
  Adacel Global Source Group will manage and establish acceptable quality standards in the production, assembly and AQL of items we source for you. All documentation of our quality audits will be given to you prior to the product being released for shipment.
Items sourced through AGSG
● Molds & Tooling
● Die castings
● Plastic mold injected parts
● Ductile iron parts
● Silicone keypads
● Cord set assemblies
● Electric brakes
● Wire harness assemblies
● Hardware & Fasteners
● Switches
● Gears, Acme shafts
● Carbon brushes
● Solar panels
● LCD screen
● Valves & Cylinders
● Solenoids
● CNC machined parts
● Gear boxes
● Casters
● Bearings