Motors & Linear Actuators

About Adacel Electric Motor Group
  Adacel had begun manufacturing electric motors in Taiwan in 1986. It‘s first product was a linear actuator for use on home electric beds. Since 1986 Adacel has grown its product line from a single actuator used on electric beds into a wide array of electric motors, linear actuators and gear motors found in products that range from treadmill, dental x-ray machines, coffee machines, adjustable work stations, adjustable TV stands, Recreational vehicle slide outs and landing gear to mention a few. Adacel’s total commitment to producing quality products though good designs, using the most advance materials, with efficient manufacturing process’s, and excellent quality control procedures, allows Adacel to produce quality motors at competitive price’s with minimum lead times. All of our standard designs are modified to meet specific application requirements for OEM’s. Please take a few moments and review our standard designs and options and let us work with you on your motor requirements. You may also take a factory online video tour of our facility
  Adacel has a strong commitment to its engineering department and utilizes the latest Software for CAD and 3D designs. Our engineering department includes; Mechanical, Electrical & industrial design engineers.
Adacel advance motor manufacturing techniques and use of Lean Manufacturing Methods allow us to produce consistent quality motors with short lead times to our customers. We are ISO certified factory.
Quality Control
Adacel quality control department consists of three departments; Incoming QC, Manufacturing, Out going (AQL). Every step in our quality control process is documented and available to our customers review. We utilize the latest equipment and techniques in controlling our quality.